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National Hotline Consortium

National Hotline Consortium Goals and Subcommittees

The National Hotline Consortium (NHC), was formed in 2015 by a group of leading national victim services and crisis intervention hotlines. The NHC seeks to:

(1) Identify, implement, and share technology service delivery and promising practices that support accessible and quality direct victim services and crisis response delivered through phone, chat, text, emails, or other forms of technology.  

(2) Pool knowledge and resources to respond to needs and crisis situations that impact the NHC Members. 

Each member agrees to shared standards and to actively engage in regular meetings. As of 2020, the Consortium has three active subcommittees: Operations and Programming, Technology, and Training. These subcommittees have been addressing issues related to COVID-19, wellness and vicarious trauma of hotline staff, and developing shared materials to support the training and professional development of hotline staff. This strategic collaboration moves the field forward and allows all members to continue to expand and continue to provide high-quality service.

Learn More:

(1) Learn more about our National Hotline Consortium partners.

(2) To learn how to become a NHC partner, please contact Jocelyn Jacoby at [email protected].

(3) Access NHC Partner Only content (coming soon)