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If you are in immediate danger, CALL 911.

VictimConnect lines may experience longer than usual wait times. Thank you for your patience with us. Anytime we are closed, or hard to reach, feel free to check out the Resource Map to locate service providers in your area (Select the "Resources" tab at the top of this page followed by "Victim Connect Resource Map"). More Info.


Hotline Consortium Shared Values

Members of the Consortium Partners agree to the following standards:

  • The provider/organization maintains fiscal and HR management plans that meet applicable laws and funding expectations.
  • The provider maintains annual operating plans for all operations and services and integrates the plans into staff job descriptions and performance plans.
  • The provider has a written guideline that describes the program’s policy on non-discrimination in service provision and employment.
  • The provider requires a comprehensive victim-centered, trauma-formed, solution-focused training program for all direct service staff and volunteers. The training program also incorporates a continuing education component with annual training standards and expectations.
  • The provider maintains its targeted area(s) of expertise.
  • The provider maintains written standards on confidentiality of services and related user records and will disclose these provider-based standards upon request.
  • The provider maintains a comprehensive resource and referral program component that includes policies related to; service description and/or taxonomy standards, inclusion/exclusion policies, memorandums of understanding and/or service agreements, updated standards, and security.
  • The provider maintains a secure contact data collection and reporting system to record, track, and report required activities, outcomes, and individual operator matrix.
  • The provider maintains a record retention policy for all agency/service activities.
  • The provider maintains a business continuity plan to ensure continued crisis service in the event that the operational site or necessary support technology is rendered inoperable. The provider tests this plan on an annual basis.
  • The provider maintains comprehensive policies and procedures related to situations that enter the service/operator into “mandated reporter” status.
  • The provider maintains service access and deliverability per the Americans with Disabilities Act standards.
  • The provider recognizes and is sensitive to the impact of vicarious trauma and has in place a comprehensive wellness program for its staff and volunteers.
  • The provider regularly collects, reviews, and integrates user feedback with guidance from their leadership.